Learning About Advances In Energy Production

Learning About Advances In Energy Production

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panel Installation

by Mathew Taylor

Installing solar panels allows you to convert energy from the sun and use it to provide power for your home. This can help you save money and do your part to help the environment. Because solar panels are relatively new, most homeowners who are having them installed have never been through the process before. If you are in this situation, you may have many questions. Getting answers to the questions you have will help you better understand what to expect. Here are a few frequently asked questions about solar panels.

How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels?

The length of time it takes to install solar panels can vary based on a few factors. The number of panels that are being installed, the type of roof you have, and the weather conditions when the panels are being installed can all play a role in how long it takes. Most residential installation jobs take anywhere from one to three days. A typical job involves installing 20 panels, which normally takes about 75 hours. While it may take more or less time for your project, this will give you a general idea as to how long it will take.

Can Solar Panels Be Installed in Any Weather?

If it is cold, raining, or snowing on the day you are supposed to have your solar panels installed, you may be wondering if installation will occur. Ultimately, it is up to the company you hire to decide whether to install the solar panels or not. Being on a roof when it is raining or snowing can be dangerous, especially if you have a slate or tile roof that is extremely slippery when wet. The installation company will have to take the safety of their employees into account and determine whether it is safe for them to install on that day or not. Aside from safety concerns, there are no other reasons why solar panels can't be mounted based on weather, so typically extreme temperatures will not prevent the installation from occurring.

What Should One Expect When Having Solar Panels Installed?

There are two key steps to having a solar panel system installed. Learning about these steps will help you to better understand the installation process.

  • Installing the Inverter

The first step that will occur is installing the inverter. The inverter connects the direct current obtained from the solar panel to the alternating current of the grid. Connecting these devices is ultimately what allows you to use the generated power in your home. The inverter looks similar to an electrical panel box and is typically mounted in the garage. This process is relatively quiet, aside from drilling a few holes and may remind you of having an electrician working in your garage.

  • Installing the Panels

After the inverter is set up, the panels can be mounted on your roof. The first step is to mount all of the frames to your roof. These are the racks or mounts that hold the panels up at an angle. When these are installed, you may hear banging, pounding or drilling on your roof, much like you would hear when a roofer is making repairs. After the frames are in place, the panels are hauled up to the roof, mounted into place and secured. This is much quieter than installing the mounts, but you may still hear footsteps as someone is walking on your roof. After the panels are installed, they are connected to the inverter and the system is tested. Once an installer has verified everything is working correctly, your solar panel system is ready to go. 

For more information, contact a solar panel installation company in your area.


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