Learning About Advances In Energy Production

Learning About Advances In Energy Production

Mold Inspection — How To Perform It Correctly In Your Household

by Mathew Taylor

If you're worried about mold being in your household, then you'll want to inspect it officially. As long as you follow these protocols, your inspection will reveal relevant data that ultimately help you respond appropriately as a homeowner. 

Take Detailed Notes

Throughout a mold inspection, you'll want to take detailed notes about what you spot and find. You'll then be able to go back through these notes any time to see where problem areas are and determine how bad your mold situation is if mold is found throughout your inspection.

Just make sure you write notes of relevant things throughout this assessment, such as areas that had mold, the color of the mold, and how much mold you were able to spot. You can then use these notes to refine remediation strategies if they're truly necessary. 

Test Moisture Levels Too

If you don't find any visible traces of mold on your property, that doesn't mean mold can't develop later on in the future. It can if there are high moisture levels. For this reason, you want to test the moisture levels of your property before or after you perform a formal mold inspection.

If the levels turn out to be high, at least you can see this and respond before the mold is able to grow in your home. Whereas if your moisture levels are perfect, you know moisture won't be the reason why mold is able to affect your household now or months later.

Don't Forget to Test the Air

A lot of homeowners focus on the physical presence of mold in areas like the bathroom or kitchen. However, don't forget to test the air of your home too. You need to because it helps you see if mold spores are a problem or not.

If they are, you need to respond quickly before they're able to move throughout your home's ductwork and thus become an even greater issue. Whereas if your home's air is free of mold spores, you can use heating and cooling appliances with confidence because you know you won't cause mold spores to spread throughout your entire household.

If you ever worry that mold is negatively affecting your health, then you probably need to conduct a mold inspection at some point. As long as you check the right areas, take detailed notes, and respond correctly if mold is found, these inspections will keep you away from serious trouble.

For more info about mold inspections, contact a local professional.   


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