Learning About Advances In Energy Production

Learning About Advances In Energy Production

How To Reduce Ocean Climate Changes

by Mathew Taylor

Ocean climate changes are impacting weather, food, water sources, animal species, and natural habitats. The ocean influences the weather on a local and global scale. On the other hand, climate changes can alter many of the ocean's properties. If nothing is done about global warming, then you may have to deal with natural disasters from refuge crises to scorching heatwaves. Read on to find out how to reduce climate changes.

Plant Trees

Planting trees are one of the ways to stop global warming. A tree provides shade and soaks up carbon from the atmosphere. It also requires minimal attention and watering.

Plants and trees influence climate through energy fluxes and carbon. They take carbon from the atmosphere and put it back into the trees. This slows the growth of CO2 in the atmosphere, which in returns slows down global warming.

Give Items A Second Life

Repurposing is something that everyone can do. You can give items a second life instead of throwing them away. Old clothes can be donated to charity or exchanged with friends. You can have a yard sale to get rid of appliances and other items. The point is to find another use for the item.

Repurposing decreases the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. You also do not have to waste energy on recycling. This gesture allows you to help others by passing along the item to them.

Change To Green Power

It helps to find out your energy source, such as solar, coal, water and wind. You need to find out what percentage is coming from renewable resources. Your power provider can give you this information. If possible, you should encourage your provider to switch over to green power. Another option is finding a power provider who generates power from renewable resources for an affordable price.

Hang Up Wet Clothing

Most people use the dryer to dry their clothes instead of hanging them on a clothing line. You can save on energy by not using your dryer. The clothing should be washed in cold water and hung up to dry. You can hang them outside on a clothing line or on an indoor drying rack. This approach helps you to save on your energy bill and increases the life of your clothes. Dryers can be damaging to clothing.

There is a relationship between the ocean, climate, and weather. If something happens to one, then it affects the other. It is time to make changes today if you want the planet to be a hospitable place for the next generation.


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Learning About Advances In Energy Production

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